with Kirsten Schowalter

Topic: You're not alone. 

Are you feeling alone in your grief?

Lost a baby and not feeling like anyone gets it?

Lost a parent 12 years ago and still suffering in silence?

Lost your pet and not sure how to talk about it?

This FREE online Grief Circle will teach you how to find community, so you can stop feeling lonely and start feeling supported in your healing process.

Join Kirsten Schowalter, author and grief expert, for this FREE ONLINE GRIEF CIRCLE so you can stop listening to "clueless" grief advice and start a grieving process that actually works for you.

Grief is a lonely journey.

Chances are that’s what people have said to you or maybe even you’ve said it, felt it. Nobody seems to know what to do for your grief because it’s an individual experience.

You're looking for support and all you keep finding is that you have to do this alone.

This leaves you feeling isolated, confused, and not sure where to go next. Don’t worry, I’ve been here too.  

Whether it's figuring out what you're going to do next, how to simply FEEL better, or how to start taking baby steps forward, I'm going to reveal how to go from feeling you’re alone in this to finding community that actually helps you heal.

Because the truth is, we’re all here for you.

This grief circle is your way to start a healing grief journey that will make you feel more accepted, connected, and loved every step of the way.

You ready?

During this free grief circle, YOU WILL: 

- Identify your old beliefs about grief and what it means for your grieving process.

- Learn why grief is separating you from your people.

- Shift out of the beliefs that are keeping you feeling quarantined from the rest of the world.

- Discover your WORTH so you can start feeling closer to people and places you care about most.

- Step into a grieving process that actually works for you, and heals.

Are you ready to feel loved and accepted no matter what's happened?

I thought so.
Which is exactly why I'm here for you - to show you how grief doesn't have to be alienating and hard. In fact, it can be easeful, peaceful, and even rewarding. Seriously!
Where you're likely getting lost is in your old beliefs about grief. Some old story you tell yourself about how you "should feel" and what you "should do" and how HARD grief is on you and everyone else.
But here's a hint: grief doesn't have to be so hard.
And during this grief circle, I'll help you shift out of your old beliefs about grief that are holding you back from everyone and everything you love (including the people you've lost). Really truly.
Grief will feel easier when our work is done.
Join me for FREE to make that shift into peace and ease.


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NOTE - This event was live March 12, 2019.